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Corporate Philanthropy


Innovative ways that corporations can be more philanthropic and socially responsible


Creating Game-Changing CSR

Sidebar to "Changing the Game:" tips for developing a CSR program.

By Mark Kramer & John Kania | 1 | Spring 2006

Rethinking Corporate Philanthropy

Exploiting core competencies is only half the story.

By Alessandra Bianchi | Spring 2006

Philanthropy, Inc.

How today’s corporate donors want their gifts to help the bottom line.

By Keith Epstein | Summer 2005

Hidden Agenda

Corporations give away billions each year, but what’s the real reason why?

By Gerald Burstyn | Spring 2005

Golden Opportunity

When a Canadian multinational laid off hundreds of gold miners in South Africa, it went many extra miles to help them get back on their feet.

By Wayne Dunn | Winter 2004

The Outsiders

Why some companies donate to charity.

By Jan Chong | Summer 2004

Corporate Philanthropy at Cisco Systems

Aligning business and social interests.

By David Hoyt | Summer 2003

Community Capitalists

The Oakland, Calif.-based office supply company, Give Something Back, donates all of its profits to charity. This practice has turned off some potential customers.

By Michael Fitzgerald | Spring 2003