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Corporate Philanthropy


Innovative ways that corporations can be more philanthropic and socially responsible


Grow Your Own

Forget about luring big companies with tax incentives and subsidized space. Chris Gibbons focuses Littleton, Colorado's efforts on growing home-town businesses.

By Anne Stuhldreher | Winter 2010

Creating Game-Changing CSR

Sidebar to "Changing the Game:" tips for developing a CSR program.

By Mark Kramer & John Kania | 1 | Spring 2006

Rethinking Corporate Philanthropy

Exploiting core competencies is only half the story.

By Alessandra Bianchi | Spring 2006

Philanthropy, Inc.

How today’s corporate donors want their gifts to help the bottom line.

By Keith Epstein | Summer 2005

Hidden Agenda

Corporations give away billions each year, but what’s the real reason why?

By Gerald Burstyn | Spring 2005

Golden Opportunity

When a Canadian multinational laid off hundreds of gold miners in South Africa, it went many extra miles to help them get back on their feet.

By Wayne Dunn | Winter 2004

The Outsiders

Why some companies donate to charity.

By Jan Chong | Summer 2004

Corporate Philanthropy at Cisco Systems

Aligning business and social interests.

By David Hoyt | Summer 2003

Community Capitalists

The Oakland, Calif.-based office supply company, Give Something Back, donates all of its profits to charity. This practice has turned off some potential customers.

By Michael Fitzgerald | Spring 2003