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Civil Society


Social innovations that enrich society and enhance democratic participation


Incentivizing Donor Registration

Does granting people priority for organ allocation affect their willingness to become organ donors?


Elusive Effectiveness

A look at how to examine the effectiveness of community advocacy and representation.


Innovating Modern Democracy, in Brazil and Globally

The OGP partnership with Brazil represents a global challenge for government and civil society stakeholders to advance the concept of 21st-century democracy.


Advocacy from the Inside: The Role of Civil Society

What does it mean for civil society to have a seat—and an equal voice—at OGP’s table?


Tanzania’s Transparency Agenda

Matthias Chikawe, Justice Minister of Tanzania, and Rakesh Rajani, a Tanzanian civil society leader, discuss the potential impacts of OGP in Tanzania.


When Life Imitates the Internet

Networks, equal access, and read-write products are no longer just core design elements of the Internet; we are making them real.

Reviewed By Lucy Bernholz | Winter 2013

Spreading Protest Tactics

More collaboration among activist groups leads to a broader repertoire of tactics.


Tragedy of the Common Car

Zipcar members may share cars, but they don't feel a sense of community.


Follow the Money

MapLight, a nonprofit that crunches data to determine the influence of money in politics, aims to make government more accountable.


Branding Social Change?

Can "movement marketing"—a means for companies to connect with consumers through social media—really lead to positive social change?

Reviewed By Peter Manzo | Fall 2012