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Board Governance


New ideas to create a more effective nonprofit board of directors


Strength Through Flexibility

Over the past 17 years, the Forum for African Women Educationalists has delivered high-quality education to millions of girls across 35 African countries.

By Kim Jonker | 1 | Winter 2010

What’s Next: Keeping an Eye on Parks

ParkScan, an interactive Web tool, enages residents as park monitors.

By Suzie Boss | Winter 2010

Millennials MoveOn

To propel young folks to the polls, a political organization mixed Web 2.0 tools with social science savvy.

By Lee Bruno | Spring 2009

Review: Trustees of Culture

Are elite boards getting out of touch with their organizations' true purpose?

Reviewed By Frances Philipps | Spring 2004

Silence=Bad Strategy

How failing to speak up leads nonprofit boards to persist with mislaid plans.

By Jennifer Holloway | Winter 2005

Moving Beyond Reproach

Accountability proposals should focus more on ways to help nonprofits deal with actual ethical crises.

By Peter Manzo | Fall 2005

What We Really Need

Eight reforms to make nonprofits more accountable and effective.

By Jan Masaoka & Jeanne Bell Peters | Summer 2005

Building a Better Board

How nonprofit board size and independence relate to board performance.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | 1 | Summer 2005

Failing to Govern?

The disconnect between theory and reality in nonprofit boards, and how to fix it.

By Michael Klausner & Jonathan Small | Spring 2005

How to Waste Time and Lose Sight of Priorities

Are your meetings all they can be?

By Ivor Holloway | Spring 2005