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Innovations that improve the vibrancy of arts and culture


Grow Your Own

Forget about luring big companies with tax incentives and subsidized space. Chris Gibbons focuses Littleton, Colorado's efforts on growing home-town businesses.

By Anne Stuhldreher | Winter 2010

What’s Next: A Kickstarter for Creative Types

Artists, musicians, writers, and other creative types are asking the public to underwrite their dreams via an online fundraising platform.

By Suzie | Winter 2010

Q&A: Jeff Raikes

Jeff Raikes takes over the Gates Foundation at a turbulent time when philanthropic resources are down and social needs are up.

By Eric Nee | 4 | Winter 2010

Recreating Fine Arts Institutions

The fine arts in America are on a perilous path. Attendance at opera, theater, jazz, symphony, and ballet performances has dropped precipitously in recent decades. Just as worrisome, the median age of people attending these events has increased dramatically. If the fine arts are to survive as a living, creative, and significant force in American life, arts institutions need to radically recreate themselves.

By Diane E. Ragsdale | Fall 2009

Review: Trustees of Culture

Are elite boards getting out of touch with their organizations' true purpose?

Reviewed By Frances Philipps | Spring 2004

For Love or Money

Innovative plays are good for all theaters, but lucrative for only a few.

By Alana Conner Snibbe | Fall 2006

The Price of Commercial Success

Minnesota Public Radio: social purpose capitalism.

By James A. Phills & Victoria Chang | Spring 2005

Competitive Advantage: A Dance of Relevance

Ballet Memphis leverages its understanding of local culture – Elivs, gospel, rockability, and African-American stories – to compete against touring Broadway blockbusters.

By Jocelyn Dong | Winter 2004

The Sound of No Music

Like many nonprofits, the Oakland Symphony failed to understand the distinction between mission and strategy.

By James A. Phills, Jr. | Fall 2004

Steppenwolf’s New Stage

A theater ensemble transforms into a company with a bottom line.

By Tony Proscio & Clara Miller | Winter 2003