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Individual Giving

If It Does Good, Feel It

Benefiting emotionally from altruistic behavior doesn’t lessen—indeed, it increases—other people’s regard for that behavior.

By Adrienne Day | Spring 2015


A “Value Added” Evaluation

Teachers who help boost students’ test scores also have a notable impact on students’ long-term outcomes.

By Adrienne Day | Spring 2015

Impact Investing

Sharing the Stage

The example of venture philanthropy in Europe shows how old and new forms of practice can coexist.

By Adrienne Day | Spring 2015


Ends and Means

In the way that people think about end-of-life care, moral and economic motives converge and commingle.

By Adrienne Day | Spring 2015

Economic Development

Past Isn’t Always Prologue

For policy makers today, earlier efforts to promote local community organizing yield relatively few lessons.


Economic Development

A More Perfect Union?

New ideas on how to empower US workers involve breaking free of current labor law.



Uncertain Legacy

Can the history of a century-old foundation amount to more than the sum of its grants?

Reviewed By Peter Frumkin | Spring 2015

Technology & Design

Misdiagnosing Science

A survey of obstacles to innovation focuses erroneously on the supposed caution of university-based scientists.


Human Rights

Becoming a Woman

A growing number of Maasai in Kenya are ending female circumcision and replacing it with other coming-of-age rituals.


Rethinking How Students Succeed

A wave of noncognitive skill initiatives holds promise for making teachers more effective and students more successful.