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Nonprofit Management

What Holds Women Back?

In the nonprofit sector, occupational segregation can adversely affect women’s chances of moving into managerial positions.


Civil Society

Going Off-Script

Spontaneous protest activity—a vital part of many social movements—can arise from a variety of conditions


Economic Development

The Price of Competition

Market structures have a complex but discernible effect on people’s willingness to buy socially responsible products.


Technology & Design

Danger Ahead

The spread of technology-based platforms brings greater connectivity—but also greater vulnerability.

Reviewed By Marina Gorbis | Summer 2015


Not-So-Ordinary Altruism

A defense of Effective Altruism raises the question of just how effective that movement can be.


Economic Development

Stolen Future

The conditions faced by young people in the United States highlight the impact of growing inequality.

Reviewed By Bill Shore | Summer 2015

Technology & Design

Always on Call

A new, data-driven mode of confronting humanitarian disaster requires an appropriate policy framework.

Reviewed By Lucy Bernholz | Summer 2015

Civil Society

A New Vision for Elder Care

Can the emergence of a “Caring Majority” help meet the needs of an aging US population?

Reviewed By Meika Loe | Summer 2015


Transformative Dance

A Brazilian organization uses ballet to help disadvantaged youth improve their lives.



Strategic Philanthropy and Its Discontents

Strategic philanthropy is a much-maligned practice that continues to have a great degree of power for today’s philanthropists.

By Paul Brest | 3 | Apr. 27, 2015