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Social Entrepreneurship

Thriving on Failure

In cities all around the world, entrepreneurs are gathering to discuss the flubs, flops, and fiascos that punctuate their careers.



More Than a Meal

Technical ingenuity and private funding enable Akshaya Patra to serve hot, healthy lunches to 1.4 million Indian children every day.



Presidio Rules

Supplement to the article “The Park That Paid Off.”

By SSIR Editors | Summer 2015


The Park That Paid Off

The Presidio Trust represents an alternative model for funding and managing a public asset. Includes magazine extras.


Economic Development

Lifting Up Day Labor

A social enterprise called In Every Story brings better pay—and a spirit of empathy—to a highly marginalized workforce.


Socially Responsible Business

Alignment Is Not a Luxury

To pursue its environmental mission, Tiffany & Co. balances corporate leadership with traditional philanthropic grantmaking.


Technology & Design

Zone of Impact

A school-based collective impact project in West Dallas, Texas, is yielding lessons on how to compile and use big data.



Who’s Afraid of DAFs?

Critics of donor-advised funds miss the real story of why they have grown so fast, argues a longtime community foundation leader.


Nonprofit Management

They Light a Spark

The catalysts of innovation are almost as rare, and almost as essential, as those who get credit for new ideas.


Nonprofit Management

What Holds Women Back?

In the nonprofit sector, occupational segregation can adversely affect women’s chances of moving into managerial positions.